The 666 Rule. Is it really ridiculous dating advice?

The 666 Rule. Is it really ridiculous dating advice?

10/6/2023 12:00:00 AM

"666 rule" says to only date six-foot-tall men packing six-figure salaries and over six inches below the belt. But do those measurements guarantee relationship bliss?

Over 6-feet tall only?

According to the Office for National Statistics less than 20% of men are over 6ft tall. Say goodbye to 80% of men, one or two whom might just be about alright.

But A Six Figure Salary Sounds Good

Again according the Office for National Statistics 1.3% of the UK population earn over £100,000 a year. We don't have the stats broken out by sex, so lets be generous and call it 2%. Only missing on 98% of available guys now.

OK But surely over 6 inches isn't too much to ask?

Checking out the 7% of schlongs are over 6.6 inches long. All these filters are getting the dating pool down to an unrealistically small size.

Chemistry can't be calculated

There's no formula that guarantees passion or compatibility. Love is delightfully irrational.

The 666 rule gives men a great reason why they haven't pulled

This is the serious bit. Its a lot easier for a guy to blame his unsuccessful approach on him being to short, not rich enough or not big enough. But this is rubbish, the stats prove it. If the 666 rule held true most people wouldn't be married.

Self pity, pessimism and insecurity are the real red flags. Don't sweat the fantasy-like superstitial stuff and focus on what really matters. While physical attraction and financial stability matter to some degree, the best relationships are built on mutual understanding, respect and appreciation of each other as whole people.