Why Can't I Find a Date? And Its not because you are ugly.

Why Can't I Find a Date? And Its not because you are ugly.

1/24/2024 12:00:00 AM

If you are ploughing the same dating furrow and not getting anywhere. There are two reasons and two reasons only why you can’t find a date on flirt dating sites or in real life. You may not want to admit, you might want to blame it on your bad luck, blame it on being ugly or blame it on the boogie, but the reasons you can’t find a date has nothing to do with this. There are two reason you can’t find a date. One is because your approach is wrong. Simple as that. If you keep doing the same thing again and again and again and its not working you need to change your approach. But what to do.

Obviously if you knew where your approach was falling down then you would have fixed it already. This post will deal with the strategy you need to adopt. Look out for some tactics in the next one.

Why isn’t your approach working?

Your approach isn’t working because you aren’t making a connection with your prospective partner. Ignore those You Tube and Tik Tok pick artists, they are smoke and mirrors and merchants but they do one thing very well. They make an instant connection with their mark. In the real world this is still the key to get someone interested in you need to connect with them.

But how to connect?

This is something made needlessly complicated when the reality is crazy simple. To connect with someone just have to make them feel good. When they walk away from their interaction with you they have that glow, you made them feel good about themselves. Everyone loves that feeling. You can give them that feeling. They are going to want more of that feeling and come back to you to get it.

The other reason you can’t find a date is not so nice…. Stay tuned and look out for some practical tips on making strong connections.